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Born and raised in central Texas by a teacher and a nurse with four older brothers, Hannah grew up in hand-me-down Umbros camping every summer and involving herself in every extra-curricular activity during the school year. Determined to leave home and experience something different, she studied at Emerson College before making her way to Los Angeles just in time for the recession. In her decades since she's had jobs as a barista, a set PA, an auto journalist, a fit model, and even hired models for Playboy's webcam site. Since getting sober and awakening to a more meaningful life, she's become a trauma informed yoga instructor, teaching at some of the top studios in LA, acts in film projects that feel important and aligned with her values, and has started her own practice as a death doula, all in the name of feeling more deeply and living more fully. 

A white woman with brown hair, wearing a white top and jeans, sits on a stool in front of a blue sheet hung on bushes behind her.
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