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What is a death doula?

As long as humans have been dying, others have been supporting that journey. Death doulas provide non-medical support for those at the end of life as well as for their loved ones. It might be helping getting affairs in order, speaking with the family to get everyone on the same page regarding the dying person's wishes, gaining clarity on medical treatments and what is and is not wanted, and holding space for all the feelings that come with this big transition. Oftentimes those closest to the person dying are tasked with major responsibilities that leave little room for processing this transition, let alone taking care of themselves. Doulas can provide support so the loved ones can make space for what's truly important and be present for this beautifully human experience. 

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Death Awareness Workshops

Hannah hosts death awareness workshops in person and online to bring the conversations about death and dying out of the typical places like hospitals and grief groups and into our general awareness. We talk about every aspect of living - our hobbies, our values, our relationships, our jobs - yet the one thing we all have in common is also universally avoided. Practicing death awareness can bring us into balance with this natural part of the cycle. We can reduce our anxiety, move towards acceptance, and find more gratitude in our day to day living. By embracing dying we can learn to live more fully. 

About Hannah

Hannah is a National End of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) certified death doula in Los Angeles. Her interest in death care is the result of being raised in a death-positive household, a desire to live a more examined life, and various experiences volunteering with those at the end of life. She's held a lifelong commitment to exploring not just the light, but the darker parts of oneself. She brings warmth and curiosity to especially difficult situations and hopes that you'll allow her to guide you in this deep and meaningful work.

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"This was a really beautiful, and refreshingly candid, exploration into thinking about these end of life topics."

"The session was so informative and transformative even. I loved diving into this sensitive subject with a subject matter expert and a supportive community."

"I felt uncomfortable and a bit scared at times, but Hannah really held space for the group and there was plenty of time for sharing and processing feelings. The main takeaway I left with is that I'm living a life of no regrets, which is more than anyone can ask for."

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