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While each workshop is slightly different, they're all meant to bring the topic of death and dying out of the shadows and into our daily consciousness. We talk about every aspect of our lives - our jobs and our travels and our insecurities and our favorite tv shows - but the one thing we have in common is usually ignored. 

By bringing these conversations out of the typical places like funeral homes and grief groups, we can not only normalize talking about our mortality but empower ourselves with knowledge, connection, and the simple reminder that this life is finite. By embracing dying, we can learn to live more fully.


SOLD OUT Harmony of Being - A Yoga and Death Awareness Workshop

Saturday, Sept 30th   •   10am-12pm   •   944 Chung King Rd

In this in-person workshop, we'll begin with a short sharing circle to get to know each other before diving in. There will be a gentle all-levels yoga class to calm the nervous system and stretch the physical body before moving into a guided death meditation. It will explore different facts about dying and we'll imagine the body shutting down. Afterward there will be lots of journaling to process, as well as questions and conversations to deepen your awareness of your own hopes and fears when it comes to the end of life. 

This workshop is open to all (no yoga or deathwork experience required). Please bring a yoga mat or towel to practice on as well as any props (pillows, blankets, etc) for support while lying down during meditation. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Bring a journal or notebook.  

To attend, you can reserve your spot by sending a donation (suggestion is $30 although no one is turned away for lack of funds) via Venmo. Groups are kept small to foster a sense of safety and community so you will receive confirmation if there is still space. 

A flyer for a past workshop that show a woman with her hands together and eyes closed

Past Events

Death Awareness Workshop at One Down Dog

Saturday, May 27th   •   2-4pm   •   2150 Colorado Blvd

Most of us tend to contemplate death as a reaction - to our own decline or to losing a loved one - and even then it's usually in certain places like hospital rooms or grief groups. By proactively bringing these conversations out of the shadows we can reduce our anxiety, move towards acceptance, and gain a better understanding of what our options are at the end. 


This workshop will include: 

  • an intimate space to talk openly about our mortality 

  • a death meditation to explore our relationship to dying

  • discussions about values for living and fears of dying

  • practical resources for end of planning

  • lots of time for journaling and processing emotions

By joining in community to have these conversations, we can share our hopes and our fears, get clear on what's most important to us, and make things easier for our loved ones when we're gone.

(There is no prior experience with death & dying required to attend. While all feelings and reactions are welcomed during this workshop, it is not recommended for those experiencing active or acute grief.)

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